Honey Bear Johnston Adventures


Honey Bear Johnston Adventure I - THE FAIR

What would you do if you saw a real live bear sitting on the park bench at the park? What would happen if you went up to him and he started talking to you? Well that is exactly what happens to Ireland and Elijah. Two kids who want some fun and adventure and they find it in the best and biggest friend they could ever have.

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Honey Bear Adventure I - The Fair

Honey Bear Johnston Adventure IV - EPHRATA

Ireland and Elijah get to go on another Adventure with their favorite bear! In this enchanting fourth adventure Honey Bear takes them to to the town where he grew up on a mysterious train. They get a chance to see the forgetting fields and what is on the other side of Mount Hebron - the small humble town of Ephrata.

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Honey Bear Adventure IV - Ephrata (Honey Bear Adventures Book 4)

Honey Bear Johnston Adventure V - UNDERWATER

In this high flying fifth adventure Honey Bear takes them to an exotic island where they learn to snorkel and what a puffer fish is. Of course, there is all the fun and food that you would expect when hanging out with Honey Bear but this time it is not all fun and games as they face a tropical storm and learn about the dreaded Thatch. They come away with some good stories to tell their mom and a little wiser.

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Honey Bear Adventure V - Underwater (Honey Bear Adventures Book 5)

Honey Bear Johnston Adventure VI - ONE ICE

In this magical sixth adventure Honey Bear takes them to meet the Woodsman and the fair daughters. Ireland gets crowned the ice princess in the annual Ice Festival and a wolf in sheepdogs clothing provides some difficult life lessons for her. One of the most exciting Honey Bear Adventures yet!

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Honey Bear Adventure VI - On Ice (Honey Bear Adventures Book 6)

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